Warming Up - Where to Spend your Spring

Vacationing within the UK during the cooler months such as winter doesn’t always provide you with the best holiday – that is unless you enjoy picking your way through icy streets or slipping down a grassy slope. However there are a multitude of activities, adventures and accommodation open to visitors within the spring – here are our favourite destinations across Devon that we believe would be of use to you this spring.

This is one of the most beautiful aspects of Devon that you could ever wish to lay your eyes upon; with beautiful rolling countryside and rocky outcrops from which you can watch the sun rise – there are not many places that we would rather be. There are many different types of accommodation within Dartmoor; such as B&B’s, log cabins, inns, hotels and much more.
Some of the best activities include paying a visit to Dartmoor’s National Park or the gardens that come to during early spring and bloom at their best during the summer months.

If gazing upon God’s creations does not appeal to you there are also a number of indoor attractions and facilities that you could visit during your stay in Dartmoor. Some facilities or destinations that could pay a visit to include the House of Marbles in Dartmoor, Buckfast Abbey, Devon’s Guild of Craftsmen and also the Miniature Pony Centre.

This is another wonderful destination full of activities, superb accommodation and interesting sights; it’s also a perfect destination whether you’re looking for a short break or a long and relaxing stay.
One of the things that Plymouth is famous for is its activities that focus on the water, whether it’s kayaking, surfing or boat trips – there’s something for everyone at Plymouth’s coast.

One of the best attractions within Plymouth is to visit and climb Smeaton’s Tower Lighthouse which is situated close to the University of Plymouth building. There is also the National Marine Aquarium that hosts a wide variety of both local and tropical fish in its deep water fish tanks.
Other indoor activities include paying a visit to the Pavilions as they have a number of shops and entertainment facilities under one roof – there is also an assortment of live events such as gigs at the Pavilions (check out their website for more information).

Exmoor has a wide range of destinations for you to visit; each with its own unique advantages, sights and sounds. The majority of people will begin their adventure in Exmoor in the beautiful little town known as Lynton; there’s a farmer’s market, Roborough Castle where evidence of Iron Age activity was discovered, and there is also a charming 13th Century church that was altered and later rebuilt within 1741 and the Victorian age.

There’s also the RHS Garden with its abundance of greenery and floral displays, as well as Clovelly Village, the Milky Way Adventure Park and the sleepy fishing village known as Appledore. There’s so much to see and do in Exmoor, you may not be able to fit it all into a single weekend trip.

For more information on spending a weekend or a long stay within Devon you can get in touch with us at Highcliffe House – we’d be happy to help you in any way that we can.