Spring Showers; How to Have Fun in the Rain

For many holiday makers throughout the UK, poor weather makes for a very poor holiday; however there are a multitude of ways in which you can have fun throughout the rain. There’s a vast array of indoor centres and outdoor activities that you can participate in during the wetter weather, you just have to know where to look for these activities. Here’s a guide to having fun despite the wind and rain that Devon sometimes sees.

Outdoor Activities
Believe it or not, there are outdoor activities that you can take part in even if the weather is quite poor.
One of these activities is surfing; surfing is not recommended for beginners or amateurs if the tide is rough and the winds are high. However, if all you’re experiencing is a light drizzle or downpour surfing is a good option as you’re already getting wet. On another note ensure that visibility is reasonably clear despite the rain, it’s essential that an instructor or lifeguard can see you whilst you surf.

Most children will find walks in the rain without wellingtons disheartening; however there are plenty of stores in Devon that provide wellingtons for a small fee so your little ones can splash about until their heart’s content.
Although, a walk in the rain to see some sights can also be an excellent activity for outdoorsy couples as it’s romantic and allows for the two of you to talk freely without life’s little distractions hindering you.

On the other hand there are also a number of guided walks that you can take part in for a small fee; these tours will take you to see the best sights in the area and will allow you to get to know the location that you’re staying in a little better.

Indoor Activities
There are many fun activities and attractions that do not require you to step outside; here are just a few attractions and activities that Devon has to offer.
The aquarium in Ilfracombe is a wonderful place with many species of fish for you to enjoy in a variety of colours. There is also a gift shop where you can purchase gifts and trinkets to take away with you. Whilst you can also find an aquarium in Plymouth, although the Ilfracombe one is believed to be of a higher standard with more fish to see.

There are a number of cinemas in Devon; some of them are quite old and very traditional looking whilst others are modern facilities that can house a large number of people.
However, if the cinema does not interest you or your companions you could visit the Big Wheel in Torquay, play a game of paintball or venture up to Paignton Pier.

For more information on indoor and outdoor activities within Devon you can get in touch with us at Highcliffe House; due to our location we have a vast knowledge of the local area and any activities that would be of interest to you.