Our Five Favourite Sights in Devon


Whether you’re thinking of a week away or are interested in spending just a night or two in Devon; there are many sights and sounds for you to take in. Many visitors are not aware of the multitude of fascinating sights and will often miss out due to their lack of awareness. However at Highcliffe house we have decided to supply you with a list of our five favourite sights in Devon that we would recommend you take a look at before completing your stay.

Exmoor National Park
Exmoor National Park is made up of approximately 270 square miles of land and within this area there are a wide variety of habitats that encourage many different types of wildlife to breed in Exmoor National Park. This area is also perfect for those that enjoy taking photographs as there are many areas within the National Park that you may wish to remember for the rest of your days. There are also measured walks through this area for those that are not too fond of exploring the wilds on their own.



Coastal Paths and Walks
The coastal paths, guided tours and walks in South Devon are beautiful in the spring and the summer as the winds are light and refreshing. There are some beautiful views to be had from these coastal walk as you can watch the tide come in lazily brush against the shore; you can also choose several different difficulties for your walk. The difficulty of your walk depends upon the terrain that you choose and the length of the walk; however there’s no need to hurry.


Dark Sky Reserve
The European Dark Sky Reserve in Devon is one of the best dark sky reserves across Europe as there are miles of land that do not produce light and therefore do not suffer from light pollution. If you’re a keen astronomer or simply appreciate the night sky this is one of the places that you must visit whilst in Devon.


Dunster Castle
Dunster Castle is a wonderful historic site not far from Highcliffe House; this particular site is approximately a half hour drive. The ruined tower and medieval gate house give an idea of the interesting events that have occurred in this Castle’s past. Although it’s recommended that you ring the management at Dunster Castle before visiting to ensure that they are open.


Exmoor Owl and Hawk Centre
This is one for the wildlife lovers. At Exmoor Owl and Hank Centre you can get to grips with many different types of predatory bird and you get the chance to experience a number of bird shows. At the Exmoor Owl and Hawk Centre there’s an indoor owl show, an outdoor flight display and the chance to watch vultures and eagles in action.

For more information on everything there is to see and do in Devon you should get in touch with us here at Highcliffe House; we also offer superb accommodation at competitive prices.