A Weekend in Devon - What To Do

There are a variety of activities to take part in and places to visit within the county of Devonshire, but fitting all of these into one weekend can be difficult if you haven’t access to the amount of knowledge that the local people are sure to possess. If you are looking for some tips on discovering Devon and everything that this serene city has to offer, you’re in luck.

Yarak’s Birds of Prey and Falconry Centre is a unique centre hidden away in the south west that offers hands on experiences such as handling the birds and flying them; however if you grow tired of admiring the grace and agility of the birds there is a café on site that serves foods and refreshments. Yarak’s Falconry Centre caters for all ages as there are also discussions relating to each of the birds and a question and answer session after each show.

If watching the birds of prey doesn’t tempt you and you’d rather visit a historic site then you may consider the Valley of the rocks to be preferable. The Valley of the Rocks provides stunning views and tranquil surroundings without taking you far from the coast itself. There’s also a cricket pitch tucked away along the trail for those who wish to stop off and have some fun.

As the day draws to a close you’re bound to be in search of a bar or restaurant to sate your appetite, and so we suggest that you pay a visit to the Apple and Parrot in Torquay. The Apple and Parrot boasts reasonable prices but serves impeccable food, the service is also worthy of note as the staff are friendly and willing to help where possible.

On your second day you may want to attempt something a little more adventurous than sightseeing and bird displays, so we suggest sea kayaking in Dartmouth! Sea kayaking is a well-known water sport where you can glide across the open sea or following your guide through secluded caves. If you’re feeling hesitant, taster sessions are also provided so that you may acquaint yourself with the kayak and get used to the swell of the waves.

When you’ve had had enough of the sea and returned safely to the land there are also activities such as quad biking and horseback riding to tempt you. The Leisure Quad Safari lasts for approximately an hour and will take you through a guided forest trail; although a guide is close to hand at all times if ever you should need them, it doesn’t detract from the fun as you’re still given a great deal of independence.

One of the locations in Devon that you shouldn’t miss out on is Walkers Chocolate Emporium. The Chocolate Emporium is a quaint little shop on the high street of Ilfracombe. With an incredibly friendly shop keeper who allows you to look at the merchandise for as long as you want. There are interesting chocolate curious everywhere you look ranging from a statue made of chocolate to a giant chocolate egg.

There are many hotels, restaurants and activities for you to take part in within Devon, but for more information on hotels and accommodation get in touch with us at Highcliffe House.