Making the Most of a Relaxing Weekend - Living in Luxury

There are many ways in which you could make the most of a weekend away in the heart of Devon, but not many of those ways could be as perfect as spending it relaxing in the lap of luxury. If you’re interested in spending your weekend being pampered and preened we have a list of our favourite three spas within the whole of Devon.

#1 – Home Palace Spa and Cottage
Approximately £120 per person
Located in Barnstaple, Devon

Home Palace Spa and Cottage is a converted threshing barn that has become a Farmhouse Spa. The way in which the barn has been converted means that it has retained its rustic charm and feel-good factor; this in turn makes the location even more appealing and relaxing.

This establishment offers an incredible swim spa; the swim spa includes a number of facilities including a pool with powerful underwater jets streams for you to swim against, a whirlpool bath and a steam room.

As well as possessing these facilities the Home Palace Spa and Cottage also has an assortment of treatments for you to try out. The facilities available are facials, salt glows, Dead Sea mud wraps, a range of massages and aromatherapy.

#2 – Woodbury Park
Approximately £115 per person
Located in Woodbury, Devon

Woodbury Park in Devon has an amazing range of facilities for those that are interested in fitness as well as luxury. The facilities at this wonderful location include a 20 metre heated indoor pool, a jacuzzi and a sauna; however there are also a range of facilities for those that aren’t afraid of sport or working up a sweat.

If you’re a fitness fanatic you’ll be pleased to know that Woodbury Park has a state of the art fitness suite and facilities, they also have a personal trainer and nutrition and lifestyle coaches on hand if you wish to discuss your routine or dietary plants with them. On top of the fitness suite there are also sports for you to participate in such as tennis and squash – you can ask at the reception for more details on these activities.

If the number of activities and the quality of service isn’t enough for you Woodbury Park is also in a very scenic location which is perfect for couples to visit together.

#3 – Carlton Hotel and Spa
Approximately £64 per person
Located in Torquay, Devon

The Carlton Hotel and Spa is an astounding establishment that follows a theme inspired by the Aztecs; the walls are decorated with stone carvings and fresh green foliage can be seen throughout the hotel and spa to create a relaxing and refreshing environment.

The Carlton Hotel and Spa is home to a 25 metre pool with a sauna, a steam room, a jacuzzi and also a shallow fun pool for children and toddlers to occupy themselves in; this makes the hotel and spa perfect for those that are visiting with a family in tow.

The list of luxuries does not stop there as you can apply for a number of treatments from the British brand Elemis including facials, body treatments manicures and pedicures – you can even get a spray tan courtesy of St Tropez if you wish to.

The list of attractions that you could visit between treatments and periods of relaxation is endless ass there is so much to see and do in Devon. For more information on local attractions and the best accommodation you can get in touch with us at Highcliffe House.