A Weekend Away with Children

Choosing the right destination to visit when you are going on holiday with your children can be particularly difficult. This choice is made even more difficult when you don’t know the area that you are visiting very well. It’s due to these difficulties that the team at Highcliffe House have decided to provide you with our three favourite destinations to visit in Devon whilst on a weekend away with children.

Woodland Family Theme Park
Dartmouth, UK

The Woodland Family Theme Park is an incredible location with both a variety of indoor amusements and outdoor amusements too. There’s an indoor soft play area as well as an assortment of family rides; some appropriate for big children and some interactive rides that are suitable for smaller children.

As well as providing you with indoor and outdoor amusements there’s also a petting zoo/farm area available that’s host to curious meerkats and a number of other animals. The Woodland Family Theme Park is great for all ages and all types of weather, with four days of fun rolled into one theme park, why would you need to visit anywhere else?

Totnes Rare Breed Farm
Totnes, UK

The Totnes Rare Breed Farm is a wonderful place filled with a multitude of animals, the majority of which you can enter the enclosure with for lots of fun stroking, fussing and playing with the animals. As well as keeping a number of animals that you can interact with there are also so superb views to be had from around the Totnes rare Breed Farm.

Once your legs become weary and you’ve finished looking at both the sights and the animals you may wish to purchase refreshments from out café. The Garden Café can provide you with both hot and cold refreshments as well as selling snacks at a very reasonable price. The Totnes Rare Breed Farm is not a particularly large attraction; it’s small enough to provide a personalised and very welcoming service but big enough that you won’t become lost whilst taking in the sights and sounds.

Woolacombe Beach
Woolacombe, UK

There’s nothing quite like a seaside holiday accompanied by bucket and spade as well as a few sand castles. If you’re going away for the weekend and you’re taking your children with you, we advise that you make at least one trip to a beach, and if you’re looking for one of the best beaches; it’s Woolacombe beach.

As well as possessing clean, soft sands Woolacombe beach also has rock pools for you and your children to explore. However, keep in mind that although the beach is safe, the water can be quite cool at this time of year and so we advise that all children should be accompanied by an adult if they are to enter the sea.

There are many more attractions, destinations and activities that you could take part in whilst visiting Devon, but for the best accommodation and services you can get in touch with us here at Highcliffe House.