Festive Breaks: A Holiday for Two

Christmas is a time for people to come together and enjoy each other’s company; but if you feel that the only company you need is that of your companion’s, why not get away with a festive break for two? Devon is one of the best locations that you could possibly spend your winter holidays in due to the amount of snow that Devon receives and the amount of attractions and activities available for you to take part in during the festive period. Here’s just a taste of how you could spend your holiday for two in Devon.

Prawn Fishing
There’s nothing quite like working together as a team in order to catch your dinner; and by fishing for prawns that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. However, to add a little romance and interest to the experience why not go night time prawn fishing near the rocks at Dawlish Warren? The best way to begin your adventure is to watch the sun set across the sea with your partner; once the sun has set you can commence your search for seafood.

A Walk in the Park
If seafood just isn’t for you we suggest a scenic walk with your loved one through Bicton Park Botanical Gardens. With over 60 acres of sweeping grasslands, tranquil waters and wooded areas for you to explore; not to mention the tropical gardens that this wonderful place is home to. A walk through Bicton Park Botanical Gardens is romantic due to the fact that it gives you and your partner the chance to talk to each other and discuss topics that you wouldn’t usually bring up – and what better place is there to have a meaningful discussion than whilst surrounded by nature?

A Trip through Time
Part of love is growing and learning together; so why not learn a little about Britain’s past whilst enjoying time with your spouse or partner? There are plenty of things to see and do at Bygones in Torquay; there’s a traditional sweet shop, a café, a model railway, a shopping district and much more. Every activity and attraction within Bygones has been created with the past in mind so whilst you’re taking a look around you should obtain an idea of what life was like as early as 1910.

The Fantastic Falls
Becky Falls Woodland Park is a must see location for all couples that are paying a visit to Devon; there’s tonnes of wildlife to see, activities to take part in and performances for you to watch. Better still is that once you’ve paid the entrance few everything else is included. Whilst there are many activities and performances put on at Becky Falls Woodland Park; the main attraction is the water fall and the woodlands that surround this area. The waterfall is the focal point that the entire park is named after – once you’ve seen the falls you’ll want to return each and every winter.

There are many other attractions and things to do within Devon; for more information on the sights within Devon or accommodation you can get in touch with us here at Highcliffe House. We’d be more than happy to help you with and queries that you may have.